So Fustrated Tody....

ok..I talk about scrapbooking and my like here but there are days that I want to just scream and this is one of those days. My computer is not registering my camera and will not let me upload. I cant upload my layout for the KMA contest. I got it done early and since last night I have been flipping out over this computer. I dont what to do!!! Now I am trying other options and thats not working. I am so fustrated here.

I need to check my other boards and I have been trying for the last two days to fix this and nothing. I am hoping for a miracle but going to wait and see if the computer gods can fix it.

Chat later!!!


Cheryl said...

Hey Lucy Girl, I'm so glad to be back - let's chat it up!! Sorry you're having trouble with your puter.

Dustanne said...

sorry to hear things aren't too cool with your computer.
Sending get well vibes to the computer for ya {{{{{}}}} lol

melanie harris said...

Lucy, I would recommend un-installing the camera and software and re-installing.

This should allow it to work again.
Hope this helps.