Yes its ME!!!

I am back to blogging again... the last time I posted was during Thanksgiving weekend and its been crazy ever since. What have I been doing??? Well, I have been in craft fairs almost every weekend and hubby playing with his band, so some weekends so I would go with him. The rest of the time working on my message board and making it grow. During this, I got sick and was out of commission for atleast 2 weeks.

Its a new year for new beginnings and resolutions. Do I have any? of course I do and this year, I will make it succeed.

What are they?
Scrapbooking Goals

  • Organize scrap area
  • Finish wedding album
  • Honeymoon album
  • 2005 and 2006 albums
  • Do more for my scrapping business
  • Network
  • Submit into Magazines and ezine regularly
  • Make MFS grow

Personal Goals

  • Lose weight
  • Safe for vacation...we are going to Disney
  • Organize household
  • Recycle more
  • Tell my kids and hubby I love then everyday and night
  • Take time and fun with the kids

I know my list is big but I am going to do it in 2007. Our family had a not so nice 2006 with hubby being laid off for almost 10 months, almost no money, bills cant be paid, etc... So much our family had to go through but we did it together. I thank God everyday for his faith and strength to keep us together and pull it thru together. It was hard but we are getting there and hubby has a job and we are slowly getting back in track. I thank my family for being there and my friends especially the ones online that were there when I needed someone to talk like my ya ya sisters at KMA (Libby---love you girl). Well, I think I have given you all the details for the last two months. Now its time to start over and begin a new year with you!!!!

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