What a Thursday.....

I could not sleep at all last night and I am tired but instead of taking a nap, I cleaned all morning. At least my house is

Angela, DT and I are working hard getting some ideas and challenges going for next month. Its been quiet on the board since the announcments but I know it will pick up again at Crafty Keepsakes We had an AWESOME chat with Barb Hogan from IP. She is an amazing women--- funny and smart as a whip. She will be coming back again real soont to chat with us again. I have already have someone chatting with us in November and you are going to to wild about ti-----> I promise!!!!!

Well I am on the 3rd Assignment at The School of Scrap Contest. The first challenge I got an A and Now I am waiting for Friday for the next grade. I did not like the LO I did. It was tough for me and hoping to get a good grade. I feel I am back as Go Check it out and they have alot more challenges from other teachers. This is a great place to challenge yourself as a scrapper. Here is the link:

I am getting myself orginanized and ready when I take over MFS ( Memories From Scrap). I have already have a few sponsors and creating contests and challenges for the forum. I asked some great scrappers to help me out at the board and will be annoucing that in November, so stay tuned.

The rest of the boards, I haven't been there and I am hoping to do next week but we will see.

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