Its Friday the 13th

Yes its Friday the 13th and are you superstitious?? I am not but as a child I was like dont walk under a ladder, if you see a black it will bring bad luck, and if a mirror breaks you have 7 years of bacd luck. Its crazy what we listened as children and did not know the truth about it. I know there is people who hate this day but to me its another day- bad or good.

On a postive note.... Crop Weekend at Crafty Keepsakes
COme on by and fun with us. It starts tonight at 7pm EST till 11pm EST. Then on Saturday again from 6pm EST to 11pm EST. Every hour we will post a new challenge and all are due on Sunday at 6pm EST. At the time, Angela will be announcing the new DT for CK. I am very excited about this. I hope to see you there :)

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