I have been tagged..........

by Di(Spot-On) and its my first time getting tagged to my blog. Its late but its been a crazy weekend for me again and finally getting my blog today.

FIVE random things related to the number 5 and 5 weird things about me!
Random 5 things:
I am the Forum Director for Crafty Keepsakes, Proud Owner of Memories From Scrap, Moderator for Scrap Spot Online, DT before for Crafty Keepsakes/Creating Pages and GDT at Scrap SPot Online.
I currently have 5 RAKs going out today from a crop
I currently have 5 different ribbons on my table
5 fingers and toes on each hand --- I am going with Di on this one
Weird things about me:
I to eat oranges but will not drink orange juice
I drink a pot of coffee every day
I love to eat cereal for dinner
I eat eggs every morning
I eat M&M peanuts every day

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