Crafty Keepsakes Is Back !!!!

Yes, you heard here :) Angela, the owner, worked her butt off all last week and this week to get the forum and gallery back. We lost everything in our forum but the gallery is bac. Angela, Amy and I had to rebuild the forum back and the DT is getting there mojo back in track. I missed it. YOU should check it out at We haev awesome challenges and a big huge contest for August.

I am also finally getting myself back in track with my other DT - Creating Pages. I am have been trying to find a FT so much, I have not been good in posting and being there. I am hoping to be more active this weekend.

I do start my new job tomorrow at Marshall's. I am nervous but its for orienation so it will not be all day. Well not much else to say except see you tomorrow.

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Jennie said...

Congratulations on your new job! I hope you had a good day. I'll check out the Crafty Keepsakes site. It sounds like you have been so busy - I know you from the 2jills forum where you've been posting tons of fun subjects for us :)