Sending blessings to everyone

Sending blessings to everyone


Can you really use cardboard in your scrapbooking?

I am honored to be over Sue Wojtkowski's Blog as her guest blogger

Link: Irreversiblymoi Blog

Its a tutorial on how using cardboard in your scrapbooking and some examples I made for it.

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Tutorial - Altering Flowers Using UTEE

Time Stood Still by Lucy Chesna


Patterned Paper or Cardstock

Melting Pot
Tools for the Melting Pot
Non- Stick Mat

Dipping Stuff into UTEE
I got my melting pot in February 2012 and started playing with punches, die cuts and stamps. All I can say that the addiction has continued to grow. I just love how the stuff turn out after dipping them in the UTEE. Pretty much anything can be dipped except for plastic which will melt in contact. I have a cartriges, die cuts and punches which are a great way to use with the melting pot.
Step One: Turn the melting hot to UTEE , add the powder and cover. You will need to wait for 5 minutes for the UTEE to melt completely.
Step Two: Add versamark to the tip and around the tool so its does not stick to the UTEE.
Step Three: Dip the flower and press down gently. You do not have cover the top. Take out the flower and let it drain for second then put it down a non-stick service.

Step Four: Repeat the steps for all your flowers; let then cool then cut the excess UTEE from the flowers
Step Five: You are ready to stack them up and add them to your project.

Here are another example of dipping cardstock that was stamped:



Just a note when you dip the stamped image, it will bubble so you need to bring it up then dip it again. This will break up the bubbles and smooth the surface. You may have to do this 2 or 3 times.

Be careful when you are using the melting pot. It does get hot and you can burn yourself so have the right tools while using it. Have fun and enjoy playing with your melting pot and UTEE.

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