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Hey God...Its Me and Its time!!!!

My journey started right after two events that happened in 2013 that changed me. The first one was the death of my father in August and trying to cope with that, a month right after that my husband's motorcycle accident which we almost lost him. I  felt a loss of hope and sank into a dark place. I stopped scrapbooking and creating sketches, ate more, no energy for anything and just there. Just going through the emotions each day and it was a blur.

When my husband was trying to get better, his anxiety was getting worse since the motorcycle accident. He was diagnosed with PTSD. Symptoms can come out of the blue but this was gradual as he was getting better physically but mentally the fight was against him. He was re-experiencing the event, out bursts of anger, avoiding conversations about the accident, anxiety, feeling things that he couldn't explain , feeling a loss of hope and control. I realized that he needed me not just being there but to hold him by the hand, love him and try to make him feel safe again.

Instead of feeling the loss of hope , I reached down in my soul and gave thanks to the Lord. I realized at that moment that the trials we faced was meant for us to bear. The loss of my father brought strength and faith when it came to my husbands accident. I did fall apart but HIS love got me to pick myself off the floor and be there for my family. It was not easy by all means but believed in HIM that we would make it through. I stood firm for my husband and for our children. The enemy sent us challenges and distractions to knock us off course but God automatically raise the shield of faith. I took that stand and it changed the outlook of my life. I felt a sense of peace. A peace that I have not felt for long time.

Let me tell you it was not easy. There were times I wanted to give and to heck with it all but I made a promise in front of God ...for better for worse .... and I meant it. We meant it.

I took my regrets and what the enemy has stolen from us and let it go. I put it out there and brought back my hopes for tomorrow. No matter what, God will restore it. I accepted God's mercy and forgiveness.

At that moment I knew, I grabbed my husbands hand and together we started this journey of discovery. He got a little better each day and took that big step of getting a new bike. He did it and I am so proud of him. Its been almost 2 years and he still struggles but he is looking up for strength and continues with it.

This is how my journey started on December 3rd 2013. A journey of self discovery toward a healthy and spiritual life style. Here is a photo me  down below a few days before my father died at 254 lbs. My health was not good with stomach problems and my poor me attitude was out of control. I had enough of my attitude and changed my way of thinking. All of sudden things where coming into place.
July 2013 at 254 lbs.
March 2014
October 2014
Now at 188 lbs.

Now at 188 lbs, I am feeling great and conquering new things in my life like school, a new career and keeping my weight off and losing more. Its been an adventure and I know I have more ahead of me.

Through all of this I learned how to eat, exercise and I love being me. If you feel discouraged, there is hope. I taught myself what was good for me and what was bad and gave it up. It was not simple AT ALL. It was hard and I pushed myself when I times I didn't want to do it. I have amazing support with my husband, kids and everyone who has touched my life. Your thoughts and encouragement has been the fuel for my fire to do this.

Now to the next chapter in my and our lives. 

I cant wait!

{Tutorial} Tussie-Mussie

By Lucy Chesna

Tussie-mussies are floral arrangements that was used during the Victorian period were known as the “talking bouquets.” They were give in a pretty metal or embellished paper cone at the beginning of a romance or courtship to convey a special meaning, they were also presented as gifts on other special occasions or just to say thank you to someone special. 

They are easy to make, and can be made to fit any theme. You can make your own tussie-mussie this Valentine’s Day with some very simple supplies.

A piece of pretty double-sided 12x12 cardstock
Various sizes of paper to create flowers
Double sided tape or clear glue
Hot glue
A Hole punch
Ribbon or trim
Flowers- add or create your own
1 medium size Styrofoam ball cut in half

Step 1: Trim a 12x12 piece of cardstock in half, diagonally.

Step 2:  Lay it out as pictured below, with the point facing away from you. You are going to take the bottom left corner and roll it over and up to the top, like this

Step 3:  You want the bottom to close in tight, and for the top of your paper to meet the top of the triangle in the back of the cone. Once it has done so, adhere.

Step 4: Punch two holes in the middle where the tip of the cone shapes and add a piece of ribbon to it, to make the handle

Step 5: Cover up the edges with ribbon or trim

Step 6: Added the Styrofoam and used my hot glue this.

Step 7: Filling the cone was easy. I cut up various sizes of circles and made them into flower buds. You can add more embellishments like pearls, rhinestones, ribbon, buttons, trinkets and so much more.

Finished product

Tussie Mussie by Lucy Chesna  Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned Paper: Teresa Collins, Cosmo Cricket; Ink: Ranger; Tool: Aleene’s; Other: Trim, Ribbon, Pearls

I loved making this that I made another to give to daughter to hand it on her bedroom door.

Tussie Mussie II by Lucy Chesna Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned Paper: Cosmo Cricket; Ink: Ranger; Tool: Aleene’s; Other: Trim, Ribbon, Pearls, Beads

Here are a few more ideas for crafting your own tussie-mussies.

Create a few mini cones for your holiday tree and place gifts or small candies inside.
Make a Mother's Day cone with her favorite flowers, candy or small gift box
Give one to your guest in their room with soaps and small essentials inside for your guests.
Crate baby shower-themed cones with gifts or as party favors.
Welcome a new neighbor cone with information of the are and important numbers
Use tussie-mussie cones as a fun invitation

The ideas are endless as you can see.  It’s a great gift to someone special or hang it in your house. It’s each to make and a great way to use scraps or paper that has been on that shelf for a long time.